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Caroline Hostettler of Quality Cheese
Daniel Hostettler of Quality Cheese
Rocco the family dog, taste tester of Quality Cheese

Hello / Hallo

We are Daniel and Caroline Hostettler, the owners of Quality Cheese Inc, and thats our dog and taste tester Rocco

Quality Cheese was founded by Caroline Hostettler in December 1997 in order to bring the best Swiss cheeses to the US market. From the beginning the portfolio consisted of cheeses that were exceptional in quality and distinguishably different from the standard Swiss cheeses that were available in the US at that time. Max McCalman, “Dean of Cheese” and author of “Cheese - a Connaisseur's Guide to the World's Best” wrote: “Caroline Hostettler has singlehandedly raised the bar for artisan cheesemaking in the U.S.!”At first, Quality Cheese imported exclusively cheeses by affineur Rolf Beeler, but then in 2006, in an ever growing market, we added the “Caroline Hostettler Line”.

Into the future with Forever Cheese!

After 25 years in business we have made the decision with our Swiss partner “InterCheese AG” to work exklusively with Forever Cheese as importer and distributor of the Quality Cheese Portfolio. We are absolutely delighted to have found a partner with an excellent name in the trade and are sure to finally be able to deliver our products to more places in the US market. Since we started in 1997 a lot has changed, we got more competitors, but we are still the only company with an air program in order to bring the soft cheeses fresh and safe to the U.S.

In the past few years Quality Cheese has concentrated more and more on the health aspect of cheeses. Hence Caroline created the “Adopt-an-Alp”-program in 2013 in order to support transhumance, the moving of livestock from one grazing ground to another seasonally, and bring highly regarded and truly healthy Alpage cheeses (or Alpkäse) onto the U.S. market. These treasures are only made in the summer and in the fresh air and pristine pastures of the Swiss Alps and Jura mountain range.

Friends & Partners

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