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For over 20 years, we've delivered the best cheeses from Switzerland to the U.S

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For over 2 decades, Quality Cheese has been the frontrunner when it comes to providing the American cheese market with some of the best Swiss cheeses. From the classics to specialty cheeses you've never heard of before, the products we exclusively resource and bring to the U.S reflect what our name promises.

Over all these years Quality Cheese has established a network on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We work with cheesemakers that think outside the box, and knowing them personally has allowed us to resource outstanding, innovative products. On the other side working with the U.S. cheese market has connected us with a variety of customers: from top chefs, specialty cheese and gourmet shops to store chains that put an emphasis on quality.

Out of the vastness of great Swiss cheeses we have picked those which are most beneficial to your health and are produced with respect towards the animals, the workers, and the environment.

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From the classics such as Gruyère and Sbrinz, to specialty cheeses you may not know, check out our detailed portfolio of the best cheeses from Switzerland
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Adopt An Alp
Adopt an Alp in Switzerland and support the transhumance movement, moving the livestock from one grazing ground to another, and get some delicious and healthy cheeses in the fall!
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