About Us

Quality Cheese is now in its 20th year of bringing the best Swiss cheeses to the U.S. When it comes to quality nothing and nobody matches our portfolio.

Caroline Hostettler has literally changed our market and introduced both professional chefs and private consumers to a higher level of quality.

 This is what Max McCalman, Maître Fromager and the first “Dean of Cheese” in the country, had to say about our products.

Our commitment to quality has remained the same and always will, but there are certainly things that have changed. At first we relied exclusively on the outstanding selection of Rolf Beeler. Over the years, though, our network increased, our resourcing got deeper. This made us create our own line, the Caroline Hostettler Selection, in 2006.

Our relationship with partners and cheese makers grew and evolved into friendships and we therefore became more aware of the ever changing task of artisanal cheese making – our focus was not just on quality anymore.

For instance, we have concentrated on the health benefits of artisan cheeses. On our health page you’ll find the latest studies and research. We have connected with institutes, doctors, nutritionists and so forth to fight the misconceptions about dairy and fat. This we find especially important in a country like the US where there is so much hype about low fat, cholesterol free and such. The saying goes: Cheese is perfect food!

Just a hint: If you consume low fat or even fat free milk you might as well drink water. Because there’s basically nothing left that makes milk so health beneficial.

We also support the artisanal cheese making where and however we can. Therefore in 2013 we created the Adopt-an-Alp program to honor and help the farmers that still do the transhumance in the summer. The program has grown steadily and at a higher pace than we ever expected. We are also supported by the SAV (Swiss Society for Alp Economy).

That is our journey to the past and into the future.