It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years. In December 1997 Quality Cheese was founded, and soon thereafter Caroline showed the first samples of our Swiss cheeses to potential customers in New York City. Products of a quality they hadn’t seen or tasted before.

Max McCalman of  the late Picholine restaurant, and “Dean of Cheese” said: “Caroline Hostettler has singlehandedly raised the bar for artisan cheese making in the U.S.”

A lot has changed since. At the time Quality Cheese was the first and only one to offer more than commodities and to show that there is no Swiss cheese but great Swiss cheeses. In the meantime many have jumped on the waggon, the competition is growing. We have been copied over and over. Which we take as a compliment and which drives us forward.

Over the years we have kept on exploring and being fascinated by the health aspects of tradtionally made cheeses. In 2013 Caroline founded the Adopt-an-Alp program supporting transhumance, and cheeses that are more charcterful, tasty and healthy than any others. Adopt-an-Alp has been an unforeseen success. The program is growing, and soon, we will announce a surprising new part of the program.

Hence it’s only fitting that for our 20th anniversary we go further in that direction. We have streamlined our portfolio. And together with our partners we introduce a new line: Cheeses made from certified mountain meadow milk. Milk from cows that are fed with grass and hay only, no silage or soy feeding is allowed. A lot of these animals graze in the Entlebuch area, one of 669 worldwide biospheres certified by UNESCO.

The products that we don’t actively promote you can still order. You find them in our product archive.

But that is not all. The Mountain meadow milk selection contains another jewel. Our partner InterCheese entered a collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Stefan Wiesner who calls himself an “Alchemist”. Check out this video and you will see why. Gault&Millau calls it “ECO Cuisine” or “Cuisine of the Future”.

Together with the Entlebuch Mountain Dairy in the village of Marbach Wiesner has created “The Alchemist’s Cheese” line. Available in the U.S. exclusively through Quality Cheese.

All these new cheeses have a story to be told. They were  introduced to the U.S. at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco in January 2018.


On this page you will find the newest researches about the health benefits of cheese and dairy in general. It contains information from around the world.

Farm children are resistent to allergies thanks to bacterias in the stable and in raw milk. (June 2017)

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How it all began, back in 1998. And just with the newest update, January 2018.


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