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Abbey Swiss Wrestler

Cow Milk, Thermized

Swiss Wrestling is an indigenous and century old sport in Switzerland. Farmers and “Älpler” compete in a 12 to 14 m wide ring covered with sawdust. The Swiss Abbey Wrestler was created by the Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln specifically for the “Innerschwyzer (Central Switzerland) Schwingfest” which took place in Einsiedeln in 2016.

The creamy, mild, rich, lush cheese is accompanied with great acidity and immediately became such a crowdpleaser that it earned its spot for permanent production. When we say mild then we mean the stage when it goes to sale after around 70 to 75 days of maturation. However it is worth the time to wait a bit longer. The cheese gets aromatic with aging fascinatingly without losing its creaminess or getting dry and sharp.

It might be for that reason that the Abbey Swiss Wrestler was an immediate success in the U.S. as well. Put this on your cheesetray and we guarantee you can’t do wrong.

Einsiedeln is a municipality and district in Schwyz, one of the three founding cantons of Switzerland (1291). The town is famous for its Abbey, a Benedictine monastery. It is dedicated to the “Lady of the Hermits” since the first inhabitant of the region was a hermit named Saint Meinrad. After Saint Meinrad was killed by two robbers in 861 other hermits emulated his example. One of them, Eberhard, previously Provost of Strassbourg, erected the monastery and church there in 934. It is a territorial Abbey and does not belong to a diocese. It was a known resting place on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. For the learning and piety of its monks, Einsiedeln has been famous for a thousand years. The study of letters, printing and music have greatly flourished there.

Swiss Wrestling or “Schwingen” is a national sport. The contestants wear breeches, throws and trips are common because the goal is to pin your opponent to the ground. The history of organized contests goes back to the “Unspunnenfest” in 1805. Brought by expatriots Swiss Wrestling is also performed in the U.S.

Product Information
Certified Mountain Cheese
Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln
Natural rind with slightly lactic mold layer
4.5-5lb, round, 8 inch diameter, ca. 2 inch high
Fat in Dry Matter:
Min. 55%
Creamy, elastic
Small, irregular
Min. 70 days
Buttery, rich, lush accompanied by great acidity
Best By:
Within 3 months after affinage
Raw cow milk, salt, rennet, cultures

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