Another successful Show in San Francisco

January 16, 2019

The classics like Beeler Gruyère and Alpsbrinz – the newcomers like the Abbey Wrestler and Latte, the latest from the Alchemist’s lair: Those and the Adopt-an-Alp program were our stars at the Fancy Food Show in the Moscone Center  in San Francisco. But there was a lot more to see at the booth of World’s Best Cheeses.

THE booth!

Caroline and her display

Fondue with Christie Alexandre-Zeoli (Market of Choice)

Steve Gellert likes it, too…

…no wonder

The Beeler Alpsbrinz

Alpage, Mountain Cheese, Heumilch (Haymilk) and Trailblazers – the 4 categories of our portfolio

The Latte – from the Alchemist with old style coffee

more of the cast

Moser Premium: Charmant and Screamer

Alchemist’s No. 1: With hay essence