Show encore: Rainbow Grocery, Cheese+ and Google

January 18, 2019

The food show in the Moscone Center might be over, the work isn’t. Caroline always takes the opportunity to visit customers in the Bay Area or even further out. She met Gordon Edgar at the “Rainbow Grocery” and then went on to “Cheese Plus”.
A highlight was certainly to see the Google campus on Thursday. During the tour Caroline had also the opportunity to taste the food that is served to the Google employees, maybe a good cheese is missing here and there 😉. Our thanks go to Linh and Gary.

At Rainbow Grocery

Gordon Edgar, smiling as always

Peter Verbruggen (Cheeses of Belgium). Peets is the wrong brew, Peter.















At Cheese Plus

Caroline at the Adopt’an-Alp picture board

Our cheeses including the new Alchemist’s Latte.












At Google


The colors look familiar.

The pass to get in.

The new Google headquarter under construction.

The “Bike-Meeting-Carousel”

Food is everywhere on the campus…

…including food trucks.

Where is the cheese?