SAV and QC join forces

November 27, 2014

We have taken another step in our task to support alpage cheeses and transhumance. Quality Cheese and the SAV (Schweizerischer Alpwirtschaftlicher Verband, Swiss Society of Alp Economy) have agreed to an exclusive collaboration in order to represent their visions and goals on the US market. The SAV supports products from the mountainous and Alp regions and represents them in economy, politics and society. It is supported by the Swiss Government.
The collaboration allows Quality Cheese to expand the resources and bring even more healthy cheeses from the Swiss Mountains to the US.

Below are the maps that show the mountain zones I – IV and the alp zone (summer production). Only products that originate and are made in those zones can bear the logos.


Karte Bergprodukte

Production mountain zones I – IV (green)

Karte Alpprodukte

Summerproduction alp zone, transhumance (green)