Sufner Goat (Buendner Geiss)

Sufers is a picturesque tiny village in the Canton Graubuenden, just above the artificial Sufner lake, where a dam stopps the waters of the Hinterrhein (Rhine River). At the Sennerei (diary) cheese maker Dionis Zinsli has worked for over 20 years. Located at an altitude of 5200 ft in the midst of the Alps he only uses mountain milk. For his goat cheese the milk even comes from organic farming.
Upon arriving early in the morning the milk is thermized and then cooled down to 42ยบ Celsius before the cheese making begins. The curd is put into the molds, and the next day the wheels spend 12 hours in a salt brine.
Just at the foot of the towering dam lies Dionis Zinsli's aging cave, cut into the mountain. There, some of his products are aged up to two years. The Sufner goat is ready to go after 2 months, and has a very good shelf life.

INGREDIENTS: Thermized goat milk, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
305 kcal
1265 kj
Producer Dionis Zinsli, Sennerei Sufers (Southeastern Switzerland)
Appearance Natural smeared rind
Size 3.3 lbs, ca 8 inch diameter, 2.5 inches high
Fat in Dry Matter 45%
Paste Almost white, firm
Holes Few and round
Affinage Min. 2 months
Best Sold Within 6 monhs
Taste Typical goat flavors, rather strong with age