Red Witch (Rote Hexe)

Mrs. Zuehlke, a cheese lover, is behind the creation of the Red Witch. In February when people celebrate the carnival, dress up (like on Halloween) she thought that a cheese that goes well with wine or beer or spirits would be nice for the long evenings. So she contacted acclaimed cheese maker Christian Oberli, and they met in the restaurant of the main train station of the capital Berne to discuss proceedings.
He created the recipe, and with the cayenne peppery red rind as well as the "scary" label with the witch on her broom a visually attractive cheese was born. Made from raw whole milk the paste is creamy, easy melting, and relatively mild. But for Quality Cheese he increased the aging in his cellars from 5 to 8, 9 months when the Red Witch gets aromatic and nutty.

Nutrition Facts per 100g
365 kcal
1530 kj
Producer Christian Oberli, Kaeserei Rislen, Rossrueti (Northeastern Switzerland)
Appearance Bright red rind (think Cayenne pepper)
Size 15 lbs, 12 inch diameter, 3 inches high
Fat in Dry Matter 55%
Paste Smooth, easy melting
Holes Few, almost none
Affinage Minimum of 8 months
Best Sold Around 1 year old
Taste On the milder side, milky, more aromatic with age, nutty