Mardi Grass

We are really proud to have been able to source this product. Mardi Gras(s) is an outstanding cheese made in the style and the size of a Gruyère that reveals its full power after an aging process of a minimum of 18 months. Made by Samuel Trachsel who operates four dairies in northeastern Switzerland where he also produces Gruyère AOP and Sbrinz AOP. Caroline was taken away when she first tasted the cheese, it was simply a "must have".
The name and label have three meanings: The mask hides indeed a classic Swiss cheese (Gruyère), it is made of whole milk, therefore the French word "gras" for fat. And the product belongs to our "Certified Mountain Meadow Milk" line which tells you that the cows were only fed with hay and grasS!

INGREDIENTS: Raw whole cow's milk, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
417 kcal
1745 kj
Producer Samuel Trachsel, CH-8727 Walde/SG
Appearance Just like a Gruyère
Size 65 to 70 lbs, ca. 3 ft. diameter, 4 inches high
Fat in Dry Matter 52%
Paste hard, but smooth, texture with salt and milksugar crystals
Holes Rather scarce, ca. 1/4 inch
Affinage 18 months
Best Sold Within 30 months
Taste Powerful and full aromas, strong flavors due to age, but not bitter