Goatee Lignières

When we visited the Fromagerie in Les Reussilles in May 2013 a lady stepped in with a tray of beautiful fresh goat cheeses. We know a treat when we see one, and this was definitively one.
A very young couple, Robert and Sonia Steffen have a beautiful farm in the Jura mountains in the Northwest corner of Switzerland, just where Caroline grew up. This is as farmstead as it gets: 60 goats roam the lush rolling hills of the Jura range eating only the best grasses, flowers and herbs. "They are very picky", says Sonia, "that's why we also have around a dozen cows who graze what's left."
The goat milk is made into cheese within 10 hours of milking - without any treatment. It's all pure, unharmed, and - starting January 1, 2014 - the farm will receive its complete organic certificate. The only downside: Between mid December and end of March this cheese will not be available because the milk is consumed by the offspring.

INGREDIENTS: Goat milk, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
235 kcal
985 kj
Producer Sonia and Robert Steffen, Lignières, (Jura, Northwestern Switzerland)
Appearance Snow white disc, individually wrapped and sealed
Size 3.5 oz, 3 inch diameter disc
Fat in Dry Matter 49%
Paste Soft, fluffy, perfect to spread
Holes None
Affinage n/a
Best Sold Vacuumed in its brine, holds long after selling date
Taste Fresh, grassy, and the acidity of goat milk