Daniel and his son Menno Amstutz are famous for their Tête-de-Moine production in the little village of Fornet-Dessous in the Bernese Jura mountains. But they produce other cheeses of the same high quality as well: The Fornet is one of them. During the summer months it is made in the higher meadows (Alpage), the rest of the year they use raw mountain cows milk (no silage). It has a yellowish paste that slightly changes according to the seasons. It is smooth but very easy to cut. On the nose you get the typical aroma of a red smeared cheese, on the palate it is mild to aromatic and you can taste the flavors of the surrounding forests.
The Amstutz dairy produces in line with the most modern techniques and requirements, it has all the relevant certificates. The Fornet is certified as "local product".

INGREDIENTS: Raw cow milk, rennet, cultures, salt

Nutrition Facts per 100g
420 kcal
1730 kJ
Producer Daniel and Menno Amstutz, Fromagerie, 2712 Fornet-Dessous (BE)
Appearance Red smeared rind
Size 15 to 17 lbs, 14 inch diameter
Fat in Dry Matter Min. 50%
Paste Smooth, easy to cut, yellowish
Holes irregular and small
Affinage 4 to 5 months
Best Sold within 3 months
Taste aromatic, long finish, a hint of the surrounding forests