Cru de Rougemont

„This cheese is simply outstanding, it is exactly how a brie should be“, says affineur Rolf Beeler who added the Cru de Rougemont to his selection.
Indeed, cheese maker Michel Beroud uses classic brie cultures and, of course, unpasteurized milk. The result is a cheese with a wonderful Croûte (white mold rind) and a soft paste that gets runny once the cheese reaches its perfect (room) temperature. You smell the hint of penicillin and on the palate you experience the richness of the paste, with fruity notes. It is certainly no coincidence that Beroud not only won the Swiss Cheese Award with his products but also came out on top in several competitions in France!
Beeler gets the cheese when it is a month old and then ages it in his cellar for at least another month until this treasure from „Pays d’Enhaut“ reaches its peak.
„Pays d’Enhaut“ (Land above) is a little region consisting of 3 communities in the Canton of Vaud at the foothills of the Alps, bordering the Gruyère-Region in the north and the famous ski resort of Gstaad in the south. It is famous for its cheese making as well as its artisan products in general.
The best known cheese from the area is the Tomme vaudoise, or Tomme Fleurette, as Michel Beroud calls his tomme, one of the few still made from raw milk.

INGREDIENTS: Raw cow milk, rennet, salt, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
330 kcal
1380 kj
Producer Michel Beroud, Rougemont/VD, Western Switzerland
Appearance White mold rind
Size ca. 450g (1 lb)
Fat in Dry Matter 52%
Paste White-yellowish, soft to runny
Holes None
Affinage 1 - 2 months
Best Sold Within 6 weeks after packing
Taste Onctous, slightly acidic, fruity notes