Cinderella (organic)

Cinderella indeed is an outstanding product in every aspect and once more a proof that Quality Cheese brings the absolut best of Swiss cheeses to the U.S. no matter what our competitors say and/or try to copy. It is the kind of product you only find when you work with such seasoned affineurs like Rolf Beeler and, now Christoph Bruni whom we finally brought on board after years of coaxing.
Made by Jakob Beer, an award winning cheese maker of Emmentaler, in the dairy of Oberwil by Büren minutes from where Caroline grew up, "Cinderella" stuns the consumer alone by its look (quite adequate to the story): The handy, blackish cylinder attracts the eye in every cheese display. And once you get the chance to be introduced to it the love story grows. First the funky inside with a paste that shows little holes randomly scattered and black-blueish spots that make you ask "is this a blue?" when indeed those are salt crystals - a sea salt from Cyprus that has been blackened with "Carbonis Medicinalis". Then the moment you put the cheese into your mouth. How can such a brittle piece be so smooth, melting on your palate, releasing those milky flavors and finishing with a salty kick? Now you're hooked, certainly.

INGREDIENTS: Cow milk, salt, cyprus sea salt, rennet, enzymes, carbonis medicinalis

Nutrition Facts per 100g
42 g
19 g
36 g
3 g
Producer Jakob Beer, Oberwil b. Büren (Northwestern Switzerland), Affineur Christoph Bruni
Appearance Grayish-blackish rind due to the coloring with Carbonis Medicinalis
Size Cylinder 6" high, 4" diameter, ca. 4 lbs
Fat in Dry Matter Min. 50%
Paste Hard, brittle, with black spots due to the colored Cyprus sea salt.
Holes Few and irregular
Affinage Min. 3 months, up to 6 months
Best Sold At least 2 months
Taste Although hard and brittle the cheese sort of melts on the palate and releases a fine salty kick in the end