Buffalo Berglinde

The Berglinde dairy in Buttwil (Canton Argovia) is famous for its specialty cheeses. Cheesemaker Beat Meier has also an education as a farmer and he always was in love with Buffalos. So in 2005 he bought 10 Water buffalos from Italy and brought them to the meadows of the organic operation Brunnenhof Reussegg near the village of Sins and owned by the Villiger family.
By now there are about 40 buffalos that live in a spacious exercise pen. During summer months they are always outside and can cool down in the surrounding ponds. The young buffalos get a special treatment: In the summer they are moved to a nature preserve where they can move freely, observed only by biologists and nature lovers. And during that period in the "wild" the buffalos also "work" for the environment since they also eat reeds, rushes and waterplants and therefore help preventing the silting up of the area.
From that herd cheesemaker Beat Meier gets the organic, silage free milk for his Waterbuffalo products like the "Berglinde Buffalo".

INGREDIENTS: Organic Water buffalo milk, salt, rennet, enzymes

Nutrition Facts per 100g
420 kcal
1740 kj
Producer Beat Meier, Käserei Berglinde, Buttwil (Central Switzerland)
Appearance Smeared light brown rind
Size 5 to 6 lbs, 10" diameter, 4" high
Fat in Dry Matter Min. 55%
Paste Firm to the bite, ivory colored
Holes Round and slits, unregularely
Affinage Min. 2 to 3 months
Best Sold Within 3 months
Taste Slightly sour, rich and full mouthfeel