Black Hole

Jakob Beer, the creator of - amongst others - the Cinderella or Bruni Blue is essentially an awardwinning cheesemaker of Emmentaler, but an innovative person as well. And he solely works with milk that come from two organic operated farms in the vicinity. An Emmentaler recipe he indeed used for the Black Hole, of course the AOP did not allow him to call it an Emmentaler due to the "aberrations".
First of all, instead of 200 lbs the Black Hole only weighs 14 lbs and after aging for 5 months is already in an advanced stadium. He adds penicillium roqueforti to the paste and further pierces the wheel. The blue mold is growing in the big holes and turn blackish with aging.

INGREDIENTS: Raw organic cow's milk (Bio-Suisse), rennet, enzymes, salt, penicillium roqueforti

Nutrition Facts per 100g
407 kcal
1704 kj
Producer Jakob Beer, Dairy Oberwil bei B├╝ren, Northwestern Switzerland
Appearance Dry rind, greyish, typical "Emmentaler" bulge
Size ca. 6 to 7 kg wheel (14 lbs), diameter 11"
Fat in Dry Matter Min. 50%
Paste Emmentaler style
Holes Big, blueish, greyish, blackish
Affinage 5 monts
Best Sold Within 100 days from delivery
Taste good