The Bergrahmkaese was the first specialty cheese that Franz Renggli in his mountain dairy "Oberberg" in the UNESCO Biosphere in the valley Entlebuch created, with great success. Part of it is the fact that he gets high quality milk since the farms of his providers are in an altitude of 3000 ft. and above, and there is, of course, only natural feeding (no silage).
"The basic ingredient is of the utmost importance", says Renggli. They constantly get a quality of milk that cannot be matched by producers in the lowlands where quantity of production is above all.
As the name says cream (German: Rahm) is added which leads to a fat content in the dry matter of up to 57%. In other words: you get an extremely mild, creamy cheese where the aromas still linger due to the high fat content. Make no mistake, this is good fat. No wonder, that the Bergrahmkaese is a favorite amongst children.

INGREDIENTS: Cow milk, cream, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
374 kcal
1566 kj
Producer Franz Renggli, Kaeserei Oberberg, Schuepfheim (Central Switzerland)
Appearance Classic smeared rind
Size 10 lbs, 10 inch diameter, 3 inches high
Fat in Dry Matter 56 to 57%
Paste Yellow, compact and extremely elastic, easy to cut and melt
Holes Few and small
Affinage Between 5 to 8 weeks
Best Sold Within 4 to 5 months
Taste Aromas of grass and flowers, very creamy and slightly sour