The Bergfichte most likely marks the beginning of Willi Schmid's reputation as an outstanding cheese maker. It was originally created during his time with partner Ernst Diriwaechter under the name "Foersterkaese" and then changed to "Bergfichte" after the two split due to disagreements.
The "Foersterkaese" was still produced by his former partner but in no way matches the quality of the Bergfichte because it is a pasteurized cheese with quite a chewy consistency. We got many complaints from people buying the Foersterkaese believing this was the original product.
So don't make that mistake. If it is not from Willi, it is not the real thing. Because the Bergfichte is a washed rind cheese made from raw Jersey cow milk, with a centuries old recipe as its base. Other cheese makers have tried to copy it, unfortunately without coming close to the original.

INGREDIENTS: Raw cow milk, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
355 kcal
1477 kj
Producer Willi Schmid, Staedtlichaesi Lichtensteig (Eastern Switzerland)
Appearance Spruce bark band, washed rind
Size Ca. 2 lbs, 6 inch diameter, 1.5 inches high
Fat in Dry Matter 55%
Paste Extremely creamy, up to runny
Holes None
Affinage Min. 8 weeks
Best Sold 4 to 5 weeks after packaging
Taste Cream and tannins from the wooden band, beautifully barnyardy