Alpage Praettigau (Lengweid)

Originally called Alp Fideris in reference to the Fideriser Heuberge, a mountain range in the valley of Praettigau in Eastern Switzerland that includes the famous ski resorts of Klosters (where the British Royal Family tends to go skiing) and Davos, we have changed the name to Alpage Praettigau Lengweid because the cheese is now made exclusively on that Alp meadow..
The cheese is made of whole milk during the summer from end of May to the beginning of September on Alp Lengweid in the community of Furna on the left hand slopes of the valley.
Alp Lengweid is privately owned by the Conzett family who built a new dairy up there in 2004. Cheese maker Andres Conzett uses the milk of 24 cows that spend the summer in an altitude of 5400 ft. and above. He uses non-GMO calf rennet and slowly heats the milk up to 108ยบ F. The wheels spend 24 hours in a 22% salt brine and are then smeared daily. It is ready for consumption after one month (although very mild and milky) but easily keeps for 12 to 15 months.

INGREDIENTS: Cow milk, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
403 kcal
1687 kj
Producer Andres Conzett, Dairy Alp Lengweid, Praettigau (Eastern Switzerland)
Appearance Red smeared rind
Size 10 lbs, 12 inch diameter
Fat in Dry Matter 46%
Paste Soft, ages quickly to dry and flaky
Holes Nicely spread throughout paste
Affinage 6 to 8 months
Best Sold 12 to 15 months
Taste Cream on the palate, gets intense with age, with a salty kick