Alp Draeckloch

"If you really want to see how cheese was made centuries ago then visit Ruedi Foehn on Alp Draeckloch", said a sort of emotional Rolf Beeler. Indeed, Alp Draeckloch is an outstanding alpage cheese as well as relict of bygone times.
"You cannot imagine how tough it is to spend a summer up there", says Rolf. The cabin in the Central Swiss Alps has absolutely no comfort, no running water. Nevertheless Ruedi Foehn, the fifth generation cheese maker, spends the summer months up there. The cheese making is the same as 200 years ago, using a cauldron over a wood fire. To show his support Rolf Beeler voluntarely increased the amount he pays for the cheese. And still the reward does not cover the hard work and sacrifices.

INGREDIENTS: Raw cow milk, salt, rennet, cultures

Nutrition Facts per 100g
378 kcal
1580 kj
Producer Ruedi Foehn, Moutathal (Central Switzerland)
Appearance Sandy brown, thick rind, a bit uneven
Size 17 lbs, 13 inch diameter, ca. 3 inches high
Fat in Dry Matter 50%
Paste Straw colored, compact and dry
Holes Scarce but regular
Affinage 6 months
Best Sold Within a year or so
Taste Aromatic, spicy, flavors of meat broth