Caroline@Greg: Transhumance

March 11, 2016

On Monday, March 7, 2016, Caroline was guest in cheesemonger Greg Blais’ weekly show “Cutting the Curd” on the Heritage Radio Network. She informed about her company Quality Cheese and its history as well about transhumance, a centuries old tradition to move the animals to the alp meadows during the summer. To support this she formed the Adopt-an-Alp program in 2013. She also explained the misuse of the terms “alpine” or “alpine style” which is abundant in the U.S. market. Click here for the podcast.

Adopt-an-Alp registered

February 19, 2016

Quality Cheese is excited to announce that we have registered our “Adopt-an-Alp” program in the US (Reg. No. 4,862,651) as well as internationally. In 2016 the program will include more Alps to choose from. We are also delighted that the consume of Alp cheeses has increased in 2015. More and more people recognize the health benefits of those products created during transhumance in the summer.

In the very near future Quality Cheese will also add the official logos for Alp and for Mountain cheeses to the sticker labels with the nutrition facts (see details here). This is in collaboration with the Swiss Society of Alp Economy. It shall help the end consumer to know when he/she  buys an Alp or a Mountain cheese. Many importers and retailers in the U.S. abuse those terms on cheeses that are neither one of them and declare “alpine” or “alpine style” which simply does not exist in Switzerland nor Europe.

Thanks for Visiting

January 31, 2016

We like to thank everybody who visited us at the World’s Best Cheeses’ booth during the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. We were overwhelmed by the raving comments, especially for the 3 Bruni cheeses, Cinderella, Blue Wonder and Tête de Bruni, as well as the Rolf Beeler Toggenburger and the Cabochon.

These cheeses are available now through World’s Best Cheeses. As well as all the other ones listed below.



Gruyère Beeler

Toggenburger Beeler


Chardonnay Truffle

Sumpter (Säumerkäse)


Jersey Blue



Wonder Blue (Blaues Wunder)

Cinderella (Bruni Black)

Tête de Bruni

Convenience Food


Sbrinz Dispenser Box

Sbrinz Nuggets Bag

Sap Sago stainless steel mill

Sap Sago plastic mill

Heidi’s Alp Spice Mix

Changes at InterCheese

December 3, 2015

In this first week of December significant changes are taking place at our Swiss partner InterCheese AG. Co-founder and -owner Daniel Daetwyler leaves the company, and his companion Peter Häfeli remains as the sole owner. Leonhard Wey, Engineer HTL in dairy science and formerly of Emmi, will take over the tasks of Daniel Daetwyler. He is also a member of the Executive Board. We are looking forward to a continuing successful collaboration with Peter Häfeli and Leonhard Wey.

At the same time Quality Cheese would like to express its deep appreciation for the support and sympathy Daniel Daetwyler showed us over all these years. We wish him all the best in his new ventures. Caroline + Daniel

Screamer and Adopt-an-Alp on Planet Cheese

November 19, 2015

She was one of the first persons in the U.S. to taste the cheese during the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco in January 2014. And now Janet Fletcher, the food writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, put Ueli Moser’s Screamer on her food blog “Planet Cheese”. With over 75% fat in dry matter the Screamer is a Triple Cream like the Brillat Savarin, although in its native Switzerland the term “Triple Cream” does not exist. Everything that exceeds 65% fat is simply called “Double Cream”.

Moser Fette Berta

I scream, you scream…

The Screamer is exclusively brought to the U.S. Market by Quality Cheese and distributed by World’s Best Cheeses in Armonk (NY) and Alameda (CA).

In her newest blog Janet Fletcher also extensively talks about our Adopt-an-Alp program that we have reinstated with the help of our partner Mifroma USA. There are several customers in the San Francisco area where Janet is located.