Visit Booth# 1436 at the NASFT

June 9, 2016

It’s hard to believe but the Fancy Food Show in New York is again upon us. As usual Quality Cheese will show its portfolio and new items at booth# 1436 of World’s Best Cheeses. New for the East are Cinderella, Bruni Blue, and Cabochon, all introduced at the show in San Francisco in January. However Helveticus, A 1652, Roter Zottel and Aargauer Buffalo are completely new.

So make sure you visit us from June 26 to 28 at the Javits Center.

Here is the cast


Aargauer Buffalo

A 1652

Bruni Blue




Roter Zottel





Schaf Weichkäse

Schafkäse Beeler

…and the winners are…

March 21, 2016

The 4-panel jury has spoken: Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin/TX, Cheese Addiction in Long Beach/CA, Skagit  Valley Food Coop in Mount Vernon/WA and Stadium Thriftway in Tacoma/WA are the winners of the ADOPT-AN-ALP® 2015 contest. The winners get the chance to visit the Alp they adopted as well as other exciting places during a week long trip to Switzerland in June 2016, sponsored by our partner MIFROMA USA.

The criteria for the contest were not the amount of cheese sold but rather the creativity, efficiency, understanding and passion every single team put into the ways of communicating and sharing the program with its customers.

The winners are in Texas and the West Coast, so what about the cheesemongers in the Eastern United States? Well, they get a chance to do better this year. The Adopt-an-Alp program 2016 will start at the end of March.

Click here to read the Media Release of the winners announcement.

Adopt-an-Alp at NoMad

March 14, 2016

Can you imagine the joy and pride the Reichenbach family felt after being informed that their Hobelkäse produced in the remote Bernese Alps during transhumance has made it to the tables of one of the finest places in New York City? Alpage Satteleggli is featured in the NoMad Hotel (see pictures below) in the heart of Manhattan. Chef Mark Welker who also supported the Adopt-an-Alp program during its introduction in 2013 raves about the cheese and already has committed to the same alp for 2016.

The NoMad chose a Hobelkäse because it is on of the favorite cheeses of owner and chef Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park) who is Swiss and grew up in Strengelbach, a good 2-hour-drive from Alp Satteleggli.


… served at the NoMad Hotel in New York City

Perfectly shaved Alp Satteleggli and condiments...

Perfectly shaved Alp Satteleggli and condiments…

Caroline@Greg: Transhumance

March 11, 2016

On Monday, March 7, 2016, Caroline was guest in cheesemonger Greg Blais’ weekly show “Cutting the Curd” on the Heritage Radio Network. She informed about her company Quality Cheese and its history as well about transhumance, a centuries old tradition to move the animals to the alp meadows during the summer. To support this she formed the Adopt-an-Alp program in 2013. She also explained the misuse of the terms “alpine” or “alpine style” which is abundant in the U.S. market. Click here for the podcast.

Adopt-an-Alp registered

February 19, 2016

Quality Cheese is excited to announce that we have registered our “Adopt-an-Alp” program in the US (Reg. No. 4,862,651) as well as internationally. In 2016 the program will include more Alps to choose from. We are also delighted that the consume of Alp cheeses has increased in 2015. More and more people recognize the health benefits of those products created during transhumance in the summer.

In the very near future Quality Cheese will also add the official logos for Alp and for Mountain cheeses to the sticker labels with the nutrition facts (see details here). This is in collaboration with the Swiss Society of Alp Economy. It shall help the end consumer to know when he/she  buys an Alp or a Mountain cheese. Many importers and retailers in the U.S. abuse those terms on cheeses that are neither one of them and declare “alpine” or “alpine style” which simply does not exist in Switzerland nor Europe.