Birth of a Calf

May 1, 2017

Transhumance 2017 is just around the corner. But before they move the animals to the meadows of Ruosalp the Herger family had reason to celebrate. The last calf was born on their farm in the valley where they spend the rest of the year. Watch the short video and the pictures and see how the animals help each other. Click here

Adopt-an-Alp® in “Beobachter”

April 6, 2017

The Adopt-an-Alp® program gets more and more media attention in Switzerland. After several articles in local newspapers and in Switzerlands biggest tabloid, “Blick”, the bi-weekly newspaper “Beobachter” published a story written by Peter Aeschlimann. The “Beobachter” (Observer) covers topics from consumer protection, society, economy, justice, politics, and environment. As of 2016 it has 250,000 subscribers and reaches a total of 850,000 readers which is remarkable for the Swiss media market.

You can read the story here

Announced: the winners of Adopt-an-Alp® 2016

March 20, 2017

A panel of 4 judges, all engaged in some regard with Alpkäse in Switzerland, have given their grades of all participants in the Adopt-an-Alp® contest of last year’s transhumance. The top three grades went to Piazza Italian Market in Easton, MD, Bianchini’s Market in Portola Valley and San Carlos, CA as well as Caseus in New Haven, MD. Behind those the competition was very close. In general we noted not only a significant increase in the number of participants (15) but clearly in ideas and enthusiasm.

The three winner’s will visit their adopted Alp this summer, a journey sponsored by Mifroma, our partner in Adopt-an-Alp®.

To see pictures of the winners click here and for some displays click here.

Caroline and Adopt-an-Alp at Cheese Plus

January 14, 2017

“Cheese Plus”, on of our favorite  stores in San Francisco, hosts this special event as usual before the start of the Fancy Food Show. It takes place on Friday, January 20, from 5 to 7 pm and will present several high end providers of foods. Amongst them is Caroline who will introduce the crowd to the cheeses of Alp Mettenen which is part of the Adopt-an-Alp program, introduced by Quality Cheese in 2013.

people silhouette

Alp Mettenen in the evening when the sun sets on the people and their achievements of the day.


Caroline Hostettler of Quality Cheese and Laura Werlin at Cheese Plus.

Adopt-an-Alp has grown significantely since then, not the least due to the fact that cheeses produced in altitude during transhumance have been identified by many studies as to be essential for a healthy diet. The program is currently run through a partnership with Mifroma USA. For more info click here
To learn more about the event at Cheese Plus in San Francisco click here

Get drawn in…

January 10, 2017

Don’t even try to resist it, the Black Hole eventually is going to draw you in anyway! Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel to outer space for the encounter: The Black Hole is the newest gem in the portfolio of Quality Cheese and will be exclusively introduced worldwide at the World’s Best Cheeses’ booth (#3805) at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (Jan. 22 – 24, 2017).

We pride ourselves not only to bring the highest quality of traditional Swiss cheeses to the U.S. but also being at the forefront when it comes to innovations and new products. This is how we separate ourselves from the competition. And the “Black Hole” fits right into that category. It is the brainchild of Jakob Beer, an awardwinning maker of Emmentaler cheese, but with an innovative mind that has also created such outstanding cheeses as the Cinderella or the Bruni Blue. At this time we can only provide you with the visual attraction: Imagine big holes – suited to an Emmentaler – in which penicillium roqueforti grow a mold that turns from blueish to blackish to dark black with more age. And for the taste? Well, you’ve got to come to the booth to get sucked in.

Many of you know the Beeler Gruyère, but you probably don’t know its creator, Didier Germain at the “Fromagerie Les Martel”. Although making Gruyère is his main trade he also creates individual specialties. The “Bleuchâtel” (Blue Castle) is one of them. A blue enhanced with cream, beautifully balanced – you shouldn’t miss that one, either.

And here is the cast awaiting you at booth #3805 during the FFS at the Moscone Center in SF:

Black Hole



Buffalo Berglinde


Sufner Goat

Beeler Gruyère