Swiss Cheese Book

September 2, 2012

 SwcheeseEngltitleThis is not your regular cheese book, we promise! It is at the same time an encyclopedia, a documentation, a report – but the sum of it is more than that: SWISS CHEESE is a passionate and detailed reflection about a basic food in a country where cheese means more than everywhere else in the world. In Switzerland 75% of the cheese is still made of unpasteurized milk; cheese has defined  this country’s picture to the rest of the world like chocolate and watches.

Author Dominik Flammer has captured the history, the tradition, the development of a trade as well as the trends, always with a strong support for artisan cheesemaking. Here it is about the real thing, not what the big dairy companies want you to believe.

But SWISS CHEESE is also a visual orgy. Acclaimed photographer Fabian Scheffold delivers, well, snapshots, but also set-ups that rival any artistic painting.

You can order this book for the price of $ 95 plus tax and shipping from Quality Cheese.


Even cats are drawn to the book