Charlie Trotter †

November 7, 2013

Our thoughts are with the family of famous chef Charlie Trotter who died Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013 at the age of 54. Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant in Chicago was one of our first customers when we started Quality Cheese in 1998.

New Site

October 14, 2013

Here it finally is: our completely redesigned website. New logo, new appearance and easier to navigate. Our product page has more information and better pictures. We are still working on details, and new stuff will be added frequently. Quality Cheese thanks Canton80 for the design. We hope you enjoy the new site, too.


September 26, 2013

After a one year sabbatical Adopt-an-Alp is up and running in 2015 under the Mifroma Premium line with our new partner Mifroma USA.

Below you find the last part of the inaugural program from 2013:

The summer is gone, so here is our last update about this year’s transhumance. It covers what happened after mid July to September, and again there are some beautiful pictures, too. Read what the cheese makers have to say about their transhumance experience this summer and how life sometimes gets a little stressful even in a peaceful surrounding.

The wheels will arrive in the U.S. in the second half of October. Of course, the cheeses are still young, but they will be nice when the holidays come around and do well far into next spring.

To check the introduction of the program click here, and for our first update here.

Petit Vaccarinus

September 25, 2013

The first batches of the Petit Vaccarinus, our Vacherin Mont d’Or, have arrived in the U.S. We have gotten a lot of praise for this wonderful cheese. Of course, it is the cheese makers who deserve the accolades.

Again, the Hauser family, one of 12 certified producers of the AOP, specially produces for Quality Cheese under the name of “Petit Vaccarinus”. For more info click here

Vacherin Mont d'Or

Hand on a treasure


Petit Vaccarinus cut

Treasure unleashed

Truffle mini, Duetto, and Alpenchili

August 14, 2013

There is good news from the Moser Premium line (BonCas). Starting in the month of October his famous Chardonnay Truffle will come in a mini version, weighing only 50 instead of 150 grams (5 oz).
Truffle Mini At the same time the “Buure-Weichchaesli” (The farmer’s little softie) will increase its size to the same as the Truffle Mini (from 40 to 50 grams), but the price will remain the same. This has to do with new equipment that has been installed at the Ueli Moser facility in Dotzigen, close to Caroline’s hometown of Biel/Bienne.

Already available are two novelties from Moser that we introduced to the market at the Fancy Food Show in New York this Summer. One is the Alpenchili, a camembert-style cheese that has a crust of dried alpine herbs and peppers.
Bio_Duetti_mit_EtiketteWith the Duetto Ueli Moser enters the trade of convenient foods. It is a soft cheese covered with Sesame seeds. This idea goes back centuries when farming did not have the amenity of motorized equipment. Harvesting the crop was an extremely hard work, and soft cheeses with the added Sesame seeds were a good nutrition source for the reinforcement of bones and muscles. Melted over the fire they were considered a delicacy.
The Moser Duetto comes in two versions: In a tray for microwaving, and in one for backing in the oven. Two simple ways to have a healthy and satisfying snack.