Adopt-an-Alp is in full swing

June 25, 2019

Transhumance has started everywhere in Switzerland and our Adopt-an-Alp program is in full swing. We just returned from our week long winner’s trip. Check out all the videos and updates.

New portfolio, new – low – prices

June 23, 2019

On Sunday the NASFT Fancy Food Show opened it’s doors at the Javits Center in NYC. We introduced our new portfolio that has been slimmed. And most of all: We have lowered our prices thanks to negotiating SIGNIFICANTLY. Just ask the salespeople of World’s Best Cheeses. You will be surprised.

The Battle between Sbrinz and Parmigiano

April 22, 2019

Palo Alto, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Boston – those were the four battlefields where the (Alp-)Sbrinz AOP and Parmigiano Reggiano squared up. Francis Percival, Author of “Reinventing the Wheel”, revealed to the crowd the score behind Parmigiano whereas Caroline, of course, informed about the Sbrinz, one of the staples of Swiss cheese making.
Although they had the same title all four events differed slightly from each other – but they had one thing in common: All events sold out! Here are the details…

Sigona’s, Palo Alto, April 6, 2019

Set up as a “boxing match” a crowd of over 70 people watched the “punches”. It was streamlined commercial manufacturing vs. centuries old craftsmanship. The biggest difference is in the treatment of the animals. Whereas the Sbrinz cows graze outside and in altitude during the summerly transhumance the Parmigiano cows are never allowed outside to munch on fresh grass. In the end the crowd judged a win by points for Sbrinz.

John Nava introducing the battle.

Francis Percival and Caroline Hostettler in pre-battle ceremonies.

Full House at the Sigona’s event at the “Auto Vino”.

Caroline explains Alpsbrinz

“Reinventing the Wheel” – a must read.


The Cheeseboard, Berkeley, April 7, 2019

So huge was the interest in Berkeley that the Cheeseboard offered to consecutive sessions. And it were very sophisticated crowds that attended on this Sunday afternoon.

The events turned into a question and answer battle, especially the Sbrinz was unknown territory for many.

The Sbrinz got a lot of new friends in Berkeley.

Bar Agricole, San Francisco, April 8, 2019

Limited to 20 people an elite attendance filled the famous restaurant Bar Agricole on Monday night. The guests first got to taste the two cheeses, then Sbrinz and Parmigiano were incorporated into a fantastic dinner that everybody thoroughly enjoyed.

Part of the Agricole menu.

Agricole-Owner Tad Vogler (left) and his guests.

The Cheesecellar, Boston, April 10, 2019

After flying across the country Caroline and Francis ended their tour with a very special event. Adam Shutes, owner of The Boston Cheesecellar and one of the Adopt-an-Alp contest winners, invited to his formidable house in Roslindale where an elaborate crowd spent a pleasant evening. The cozy atmosphere led to a more intimate event, with a lot of questions and individual conversations.

In Adam Shutes living room

And the winners are…

February 21, 2019

The panel of judges has spoken, and here are the winners of the 2018 Adopt-an-Alp contest:
– Galen LeGrand, Skagit Valley Food Coop, Mount Vernon, WA
– Jenn Martella, Piazza Italian Market, Easton, MD
– Beth Falk, Mill City Cheesemongers, Lowell, MA
– Adam Shutes, Boston Cheese Cellar, Roslindale, MA
– Shelli Morton, World’s Best Cheeses East, Boston, MA.

These five winners will go to Switzerland on a full paid trip from Thursday, June 13, to Thursday, June 20, 2019.

This year we have our first second time winners. Galen LeGrand was part of our first contest trip in 2016. To win a second time shows his dedication to the cause as well as his innovative thinking. The same is true for Piazza Italian Market who was represented in 2017 by Brandy Williams, this time Jenn Martella will go on the journey. Beth Falk and Adam Shutes are first time participants – and did a great job in promoting transhumance.
A first is also that we awarded the best Adopt-an-Alp seller from our partner World’s Best Cheeses. And – probably to no surprise – Shelli Morton came out on top.


Show encore: Rainbow Grocery, Cheese+ and Google

January 18, 2019

The food show in the Moscone Center might be over, the work isn’t. Caroline always takes the opportunity to visit customers in the Bay Area or even further out. She met Gordon Edgar at the “Rainbow Grocery” and then went on to “Cheese Plus”.
A highlight was certainly to see the Google campus on Thursday. During the tour Caroline had also the opportunity to taste the food that is served to the Google employees, maybe a good cheese is missing here and there 😉. Our thanks go to Linh and Gary.

At Rainbow Grocery

Gordon Edgar, smiling as always

Peter Verbruggen (Cheeses of Belgium). Peets is the wrong brew, Peter.















At Cheese Plus

Caroline at the Adopt’an-Alp picture board

Our cheeses including the new Alchemist’s Latte.












At Google


The colors look familiar.

The pass to get in.

The new Google headquarter under construction.

The “Bike-Meeting-Carousel”

Food is everywhere on the campus…

…including food trucks.

Where is the cheese?