Top honors and awards everywhere

September 26, 2016

Our name of the game is “QUALITY”: producers for Quality Cheese Inc. dominated contests in Switzerland and Austria over the last days and amassed (gold) medals and top awards.

At the annual Swiss Cheese Awards in the Vallée de Joux 11 producers who are in our portfolio won a total of 16 (!!!) medals, 8 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze. Christian Oberli, the maker of the Red Witch at the Rislen dairy, won double gold with his entries of Swiss Gold and Nieselberger. Another permanent winner is Ueli Moser: his Charmant won top award in the white mold category. Behind a Bio Gruyère the Gruyère AOP from Didier Germain won silver, this is the cheese that Rolf Beeler ages to a minimum of 16 months.


Swiss Gold is aged in the cellars of the Rislen dairy for at least a year.

Michel Beroud, maker of the Cru de Rougemont, Tête de Bruni and A1652 was awarded gold (soft cheeses smeared) and silver (white mold, behind Charmant). Click on the link below to see our winner’s list.

We are also extremely proud to be the representative of the Dairy Maran which is part of our Adopt-an-Alp program since its introduction in 2013. As the sole contestant from the program the Alpkäse Maran got the maximum of 20 points at the Alpage Awards of the Canton Grison in Landquart on Thursday, Sept. 22. With nearly 100 entries from 3 countries only 7 other products achieved maximum points.

Walter Niklaus with the 4 golds at the Alpage Olympics in Galtür/Austria.

Walter Niklaus with the 4 golds at the Alpage Olympics in Galtür/Austria.

Over the weekend it got even better for Maran: At the Austrian Alpage Olympics in Galtür with participants from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy cheese maker Walter Niklaus and his crew amassed 4 golds for the Alpkäse, Saffron Brie, Camembert and “Stellentroll”, a new creation of the dairy which is located in Arosa in the Eastern Swiss Alps.



Diploma for Ruosalp

Ruosalp, on of the 20 Alps in the Adopt-an-Alp program 2016 has joined the award winners. At the annual Alp Cheese Contest of the Canton Uri the Alpkäse from Rousalp received the diploma that only is given for top quality. The judgement panel consists of cheese experts and end consumers. Alp Rousalp is operated by the family of Max Herger.


The magic date: September 16, 2016

August 19, 2016

Once again the time has come. In the northwestern part of Switzerland the production of the famous Vacherin Mont d’Or has begun. The AOC has announced Friday, September 16, for the release of the first batch.
The dairy of Charles and Patrick Hauser in Le Lieu again produces the Petit Vaccarinus exclusively for Quality Cheese. It is not a Vacherin Mont d’Or AOC because the milk is heated to a higher temperature than in the requirements. Due to the 60 days aging rule, which the FDA hopefully will abandon soon, the first batch of Petit Vaccarinus will enter the U.S. on October 4, 2016.

But please put your orders in NOW and call World’s Best Cheeses at 1-800-843-2378 (East) or 1-800-477-5262 (West).

Last year's Petit Vaccarinus at a Wholefoods store in the Bay area. (photo courtesy of Janet Fletcher)

The Petit Vaccarinus at a Wholefoods store in the Bay area.  (photo by Janet Fletcher)


The Making of Alpkaese Heuboden

July 24, 2016

Watch Fritz Tschudi making his famous Alpkäse Heuboden. We shot this video during our Switzerland trip with last year’s winners of the Adopt-an-Alp contest. It will also be shown in some stores of the Kroger Company who adopted Alp Heuboden. Heuboden is one of 27 Alps that belong to the Glarona Coop. The wheels from these Alps are aged in the Glarona communal cellars in Glarus.



Visit Booth# 1436 at the NASFT

June 9, 2016

It’s hard to believe but the Fancy Food Show in New York is again upon us. As usual Quality Cheese will show its portfolio and new items at booth# 1436 of World’s Best Cheeses. New for the East are Cinderella, Bruni Blue, and Cabochon, all introduced at the show in San Francisco in January. However Helveticus, A 1652, Roter Zottel and Aargauer Buffalo are completely new.

So make sure you visit us from June 26 to 28 at the Javits Center.

Here is the cast


Aargauer Buffalo

A 1652

Bruni Blue




Roter Zottel





Schaf Weichkäse

Schafkäse Beeler

…and the winners are…

March 21, 2016

The 4-panel jury has spoken: Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin/TX, Cheese Addiction in Long Beach/CA, Skagit  Valley Food Coop in Mount Vernon/WA and Stadium Thriftway in Tacoma/WA are the winners of the ADOPT-AN-ALP® 2015 contest. The winners get the chance to visit the Alp they adopted as well as other exciting places during a week long trip to Switzerland in June 2016, sponsored by our partner MIFROMA USA.

The criteria for the contest were not the amount of cheese sold but rather the creativity, efficiency, understanding and passion every single team put into the ways of communicating and sharing the program with its customers.

The winners are in Texas and the West Coast, so what about the cheesemongers in the Eastern United States? Well, they get a chance to do better this year. The Adopt-an-Alp program 2016 will start at the end of March.

Click here to read the Media Release of the winners announcement.