It’s witch time, red and old

October 29, 2018

As always, Laurie Andrighetto from Bianchini’s Market in San Carlos and Portola Valley (CA), has her special ways to promote products. Just on time for Halloween she has beautifully displayed the Red Witch, the Old Witch (indeed the older sister) and the Jack-‘o’pumpkin, a cheese with roasted organic pumpkinseeds. Enjoy the pictures.

Laurie Andrighetto and her sister witches.

The oldest of the witches

The Red Witch, the flagship

It’s all pumpkins

All together

Read Mateo Kehler’s Blog on Planet Cheese

October 22, 2018

Our friend and foodwriter Janet Fletcher in California installed a new blog on her Planet Cheese. The contribution of her first guest, Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farms, is a MUST READ. Here is the link to “Cheesemaking’s Existential Moment”.

It’s to die for

October 12, 2018

We just got our first batch of Petit Vaccarinus, the Vacherin Mont d’Or specially made for Quality Cheese. Cut open it doesn’t just look great, paired with our homemade bread it is literally to die for.


October 8, 2018

Adopt-an-Alp was present at a 3-Day-Seminar at the Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie through to our membership with the host “The Society of Fellows”, a CIA Alumni organization. The presence of over 170 fellows allowed for intense networking.
Amongst them was Michael Polier, CEO and founder of “The Food Exchange” and initiator of the Adopt-an-Alp launch party in Los Angeles on November 5.

Michael Polier, CEO and founder of “The Food Exchange”, with the Adopt-an-Alp brochures.

Adopt-an-Alp party with the CIA

October 1, 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018 will be a historic day for the Adopt-an-Alp program. Together with our friend and partner Michael Polier from “The Food Exchange” and the Culinary Institute of America we will host a Launch Party at the Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles. The event is by invitation only. Details below: