The new Melts

October 9, 2014

Winter is coming, and so does the Holiday Season. Cheese in melted form has always been a winter favorite. Hence we exten-ded our ready-to-cook-fondue-line with two new mixes: A Champagne/Truffle fondue by Manfred Schmid from the Bernese Alps as well as a sheep fondue by Sepp Barmettler. At World’s Best Cheeses’ first ever holiday food show in the Metro-politan Pavilion in NYC on October 7, 2014, Caroline also showed another classic: Raclette. Amongst other cheeses on display, including Golden Sofi Winner “Red Witch”, was the Holiday Collection of Ueli Moser of BonCas (think Truffle Chardonnay, RieslingxSylvaner, Crublanc etc.). Furthermore the “Alpmutschli” comes in a nice woodbox, a perfect gift for every food lover. And you can even have your (company) logo on it. Call the sales staff of WBC to inquire about special holiday discounts!


Caroline and all her treasures

The display of gourmet foods from all over the world was so exquisite that New York Times foodwriter Florence Fabricant said: “I have never seen such an impressive display of gourmet foods in one venue in my journalistic career!”


The Fondue Line-up




Rolf Beeler, Quality Cheese, Sheep and Truffle/Champagne


A taste of raclettes




The Moser Holiday Collection


Made with milk from the Swiss mountains and perfectly wrapped for a gift – the “Alpmutschli”


Go for alpine health

September 20, 2014

When the month of September nears its end it means also the end of transhumance: The cattle that spent the summer in the lush alpine meadows in altitudes up to 8500 ft. are brought down to their winter home. With them comes the summer production of alpine cheeses made of raw milk, one of the healthiest foods available as countless studies support (why doesn’t the FDA read them?).


Cows on the meadows of Alp Obern Galm in the canton Valais during the summer months


If you are interested to get some of these treasures, just let us know. Caroline is on her way to Switzerland in the middle of October to taste them first hand.

They are released

September 1, 2014

It finally happened. On Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, the first batches of Vacherin Mont-d’Or were released. Made during the “winter” half of the year when the cows feed on hay it is a seasonal treasure that stretches until February/March depending on weather conditions. Production has started a few weeks ago. And on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, the official celebration of the new season takes place in the village of Charbonnières where visitors can see one of the many traditional events in Switzerland.

After some listeria cases in France 30 years ago, the cheese nowadays is made from thermized milk. And the 12 producers in Switzerland follow the strict safety requirements and the rigorous control system of the AOP (Appellation d’origine protégée). Even the production of the tiny wood box is strictly regulated and controlled. For more information go to the official website.

Our “Petit Vaccarinus” is made by father and son Patrick and Charles Hauser in Le Lieu, a small village along the famous Lac de Joux (Lake de Joux). A region that traditionally gets the lowest temperatures in Switzerland. The nearby valley La Brevine holds the record low for Switzerland, -41.8° (-43.24° F), measured on January 12, 1987.

P+ChHauserVacherin Mont d'Or

Back from summer

August 4, 2014

After a stay in the North Georgia mountains we are back to business. On our trip home we visited our friends from the Sweet Grass Dairy just outside Thomasville, GA. We knew their cheeses for years, but it was our first close look into their operation led by Jessica and Jeremy Little. Even Dylan (7), our nestling, took the tour.


Dylan ready for the tour


We were impressed, specially with the commitment to “old fashioned” farming, the care for the detail – it is right  along our philosophy. Just take a look at their website.


Jessica, Mallory, Candice and Caroline




Red Witch – Best of Show!

July 2, 2014

We are so excited that our entry, the Red Witch, won the Golden Sofi award as the best cheese/dairy product at the NASFT Fancy Food Show in New York. We thank all of you who have visited us at booth#1036. See impressions from the show here. And if you need to know more or refresh your memory about the products click here or call Caroline or the sales people at WBC.