Don’t miss booth 4505 in San Francisco

January 19, 2018

“The Alchemist’s Cheeses”, “Gold Rush”, “Haymaker” or “Mardi Grass (yes, the second “s” is there for a reason) – those are exciting samples of our new line of “Certified Mountain Meadow Milk” cheeses that are currently high in demand in Switzerland. Cheeses made of milk from animals that graze in certified mountain zones and eat grass or hay only. There is no silage, soy or other feeding allowed. Our Swiss partner InterCheese AG has concentrated on that market and therefore we can bring those jewels exclusively to the US market. Want to taste? Then show up at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco at booth# 4505 of our US-partner World’s Best Cheeses.

Here are some more details about the new line (click for more info):

Behind the mask hides a classic: Mardi Gras(s) is made like a Gruyère and therefore has a weight of about 65 lbs. It is “child” of Samuel Trachsel who also makes Gruyère AOP in his 4 dairies in northeastern Switzerland. The name was created because he uses whole unskimmed milk (hence the French word “gras” for fat). The second “s” was added because the cows are fed with grass and hay only. It is aged for a minimum of 18 months – and comes at an exceptional price. Caroline says: “A masterpiece, I was completely taken away by the balanced flavors, the bite, the texture, unbelievable.”


Gold Rush: The UNESCO Biosphere lies in the heart of Switzerland, protected by the massive central Alps. Panning gold has had a long history in the area, particularly around the Napf peak. Still today you might find a nugget in the surrounding rivers and mountain creeks. Although gold panning in central Switzerland was mentioned the first time in the 12th century it reached its peak between the 16th and 19th century.

Gold Rush is an hommage to this trade. Nowadays gold panning is a tourist attraction in the Napf area.

Haymaker: Since there is no other food allowed than grass and hay the farmers have to work hard during the warmer days from late spring to late summer and get their hay ready for the winter. This is no easy task in the moutainous zones because often haying has to be done by hand. And sometimes also on steep slopes. The “Haymaker” makes a strong appearance with its beautiful hay mantle.


The Alchemist’s Cheeses by chef Stefan iesner:

Nº 1 Hay Bits: In Switzerland the newly created cheeses by celebrity chef Stefan Wiesner are called “Hexermeister” cheeses. That word literally translated would come to “male witch master”. However, Stefan Wiesner likes to call himself an “Alchemist”. If you watch the video that is also linked on our homepage, you see he has a point. There is nothing in mother nature that you can forage he wouldn’t somehow turn into something edible. Hence why wouldn’t you add clean mountain hay into the paste of a cheese? It makes perfect sense, just smell it!


Nº 2 Hay: An Alchemist doesn’t just collect the bounty that Mother Nature offers to the one that finds it in mostly untouched places. No, he also turns his findings into essences, elixirs, and – dare we say – potions?
Well, Nº 2 Hay, doesn’t have the tiniest bit of hay in it. But if you have ever been on a field where the farmer turned the dried grass, then you recognize the smell – created by the Alchemist’s essence.