Biestmilch – to keep you healthy

September 29, 2015

On a recent blog on our Adopt-an-Alp website we were reminded of something that is as old as life and yet still not fully understood by today’s science: Biestmilch! What a calf or any other mammal baby for that matter gets with the mothers milk the first few days is not only packed nutrition, Biestmilch goes way beyond that. Beside a sufficient amount of fat it contains bacterial microflora, immunglobulins, hormones, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, mucopolysaccharides and a large number of cell communication molecules.

Minutes after being born the calf instinctively goes to the mother's teats.

Minutes after being born the calf instinctively goes to the mother’s teats.

Therefore it is no wonder that breast milk or biestmilch was found in kitchens and used as a cure until about the 1930s. Nowadays you still can find recipes that ask for biestmilch. But it is also available in different forms, for instance chewing tablets, for your daily use to boost and regulate your immune system. It is also heavily used by athletes. Quality Cheese recommends you read more about this. Go to, and foremost read the article by Dr. Susann Kraeftner “Biestmilch – an Elixir”(source: