Adopt-an-Alp in full swing

August 6, 2017

The program is growing steadily. Adopt-an-AlpĀ® by Quality Cheese has over 50 customers as of beginning of August. That means that by now 114 locations nationwide will offer cheeses made during transhumance. Amongst them are so many of the top US specialty stores as well as the NoMad hotel or chains like Kroger, Lunardi’s or Balducci’s.

Martin Ruegsegger, Executive Director of the Swiss Society for Alp Economy, was impressed during his visit to the US in July. “I was surprised by the enthusiasm for cheese and specially for the Adopt-an-Alp program. We are on record numbers again this year, but it grows in a healthy way. It has our full support!”

The first wheels will arrive at the World’s Best Cheeses‘ warehouse in the second half of September.

Martin Ruegsegger